Friday, September 2, 2011

Show And Tell: (Jump)suits

About six months from now I'll be working in my first ever full time day job. Yep. That's right. I'll be clockin' that good ol' nine to five. Even sooner than that I'll be interviewing for said gig and as scary as that sounds...I actually think I am more excited than scared. 

Well, that was until it was suggested to me and my peers that we wear a business suit for interviews. As you can image my excitement flew out the windows. No. Not even, it didn't even get a chance to fly out. It was shot right then and there. Practically announced dead at the scene. Now, while it's true, said professor who suggested the idea is on the older side and therefore her advice might be outdated. Part of me couldn't help but to wonder, Could she be right?

Now for those of you who haven't actually read my "About me", I have two words for you. Shame Shame. Alright so that's only one word. Repeated twice. Sue me. Just kidding, don't do that. Because what I really have for you is a brief synopsis of what it says, and I quote: " I am a fashion design and merchandising major and one day I will be an editor and wear pretty pretty clothes to work everyday. i.e. no business suits.

Okay so it may not have said that exactly, but you get the gist. I never in my 19 years of living, could foresee myself working a job where I had to wear a business suit. So naturally, I found a loophole...

...and what a glorious loophole it is. One that just so happens to be a perfect example of SSStyle Tip 3. I believe the kids now a day would call that a win. Make that an epic win.

(All jumpsuits from Asos)

Needless to say, at the mere site of these jumpsuits, my excitement has been fully restored.

But this story's not over yet....

...because that would be boring.

Just when I thought I got rid of the unwanted, I realized that wasn't what I wanted at all. I found a loophole to my loophole.

Confused? Don't worry I was confused at first too, but just feast your eyes on this.

(Suit: Asos)

A suit. Dare I say a business suit? Yes, I didn't believed it existed either. Yet it does, a chic business suit, in all it's trans-seasonal glory. And just like that my mind has been changed. Every girl needs a suit in her closet. Especially this girl and this suit.



The Queen of Hearts said...

Might I also suggest Theory? I mean, I'm not fashionista but what I love about Theory is that their collections offer enough range from formal office wear to the in-between to the fashion-loving young woman.


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