Thursday, August 4, 2011

Show and Tell: Outerwear

This is the first post in series of post I'll be calling "Show and Tell". I couldn't even begin to tell you the the endless hours I spend online shopping for things I can't actually afford. Some may call this torture but I find it strangely entertaining. To each his own I suppose. 

Back to the Point...

While I was trolling the internet today searching for the perfect pieces that could act as transition pieces for summer to fall I thought to myself: "Well just because I'm a currently unemployed college student, who can't afford these items. Doesn't mean I shouldn't share these treasures." I mean even though I wont look good at least someone should! 

And there was born from the depths of my mind the idea for the series. So without further adieu I present "Show and Tell"...the outerwear addition!

(Sartre Sweater: Fabricly)
Because there's nothing I love more than hiding under a giant hood. Oh and let's not forget the layering opportunities here...

(Quilted Leather Jacket: Asos)
Who says you have to choose a side? I prefer to stay neutral on neutral.

(UNIF Chelsea Shearling Coat: NastyGal)
One shouldn't always go through life unnoticed. I say, stand out like a giant black white sheep.

 (Noted: The last coat is most likely more of a fall-winter transitional coat but who cares....I don't!)


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