Monday, August 15, 2011

SSStyle Tips: Double Whammy!

Here it is, the post you've all been waiting for. The first (of many) Soft Spoken Style Tips and lucky for you the first one is a double whammy. Two for the price of one, you can't beat that! So get out your notebook kids and pay very close attention because I'll only say this once. Just kidding, well not about the paying attention and taking notes part that I expect you to do. However if you don't have a notebook or pen near by I'll forgive you, in fact I'll even do you a favor; In addition to their posts, I will be putting all SSStyle tips from now until forever, under their own little link up top. You are welcome. So feel free to stop by and refresh your memory whenever your little heart desires. 

And now for the tips...

Tip 1: Show some unexpected skin

Now I realize than anyone can show some skin; just throw on a mini skirt, or strapless top and bam you're showing some skin. That's not what this tip is about; the key word in this tip is unexpected. Wearing a crop top with high waisted pants showing the tiniest sliver of midriff would in fact qualify as unexpected skin. Or maybe even try a maxi skirt with a thigh high split or something sheer. Think "peak-boo" when it comes to showing skin not "slap-in-the-face" aka tasteful not trashy.

Although I have to say this fall I will be carrying over one of my favorite spring/summer trends when it comes to showing some unexpected skin.  

Cue awkward pictures of me

I was not ready for this picture....clearly

But I digress, 

The trend is exposed shoulders! I know you probably guessed it but I just can't get enough.

(Shirt: Pixie Market, Jewelry: Forever 21) 

Oh and this picture brings me to my second tip....

Tip 2: Don't be afraid of color 

(Jeggings: Target, Shoes: Sam Edelman)

I know, I know, this picture isn't any better than the first. I guess the camera just hates me and to that I say "Camera I hate you too" 

Anyway, I'm posting this picture to show you just how beautiful the color of the shirt really is. There's no chance in hell you could ever blend in wearing this. Heck I should probably issue a cautionary note when I wear this; something like any one who comes within 50 feet of me when I wear this shirt should be wearing sunglasses. Please don't sue me for any eye damage which may occur at the sight of this shirt, you have been warned. 

Well, that's all I have for you, for now that is. But I've got plenty more tricks up my sleeves, don't you fret. 

Leave comments below and let me know how the tips worked for you! Did you get stares? I bet you did, but I hope they where shortly followed by a compliment. And if not well, I'm sure they were wishing they looked as good as you!

Extra points if you combined both tips into one look like me!

Extra Extra points if you send me pictures! (I'll feature you on my blog)

Have Fun



polliani said...

great blog

Kimberly said...

Hey Nikki! I LOVE the tips and I especially LOVe that top ;) Here's the link to my post for today's outfit (exposed shoulders as well!) I'd love to be featured in your blog =D

I really enjoyed reading your style tips - I agree, it's SO easy to be trashy but showing the most tasteful amount of skin is enviable! =D

Great post!


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful color on you! And no, the camera does not hate on you - you are beautiful as well :).

This is a great point to bring to attention to people because most women when they think of 'skin' they think of cleavage... well, to be honest, I think that it's time to be a bit more creative and find garments that show skin in unexpected places, like you said. Open mid sleeved shirts and dresses are such a fantastic trend right now, that it's a great alternative to letting it all hang out.

Chide of


hey girl,

nice blogggg!! we like it

hajar et mounia

Catherine said...

Awesome blog! Your blog header is so stylish :)
Great look also! I really like how you accessorized and the colors of the outfit!

dahhlayne said...

I love the way you write here. So interactive with your readers. :)
The color of that top is so great. It's definitely a very romantic, eye-popping color. :)

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