What is SSS?

Have you ever been categorized as "shy" and/or "soft spoken" but, much like myself, never thought nor liked those words to truly describe you as a person? Or maybe you're not soft spoken, maybe you're naturally outgoing buy you wardrobe says, well, nothing! It's doesn't speak to your vibrant personality.Well it's nothing to be worried about, nothing this blog can't fix. 

While I may have been called "soft spoken" in the past I consider my style to be anything but! I'm in love with those statement pieces, ones that will get people talking, not only about but to you. And with a few simple tricks I can take you from wall flower to center stage. Trust me, I've been where you are, pieces of me are probably still there. But take my advice, because when you dress better you feel better. Dress confident, be confident. 

I have gained so much knowledge and respect from bloggers in the past about dressing the way you want, standing out, wearing things just because they make you happy. If it wasn't for them I would never have a pair of harem pants or knee high sandals in my wardrobe. However I can tell you first hand when you take those fashion risks they do pay off. It could be your best of friends or a complete stranger telling you how good you look.
Just be sure to tell them how you got there; spread the word of Soft Spoken Style...

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