Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trend Spotting

It's time to wrap you head around it it kids ...loves? (does that sound less demeaning...doubt it), but summer is coming to an end. No really I was seriously get over it, because my favorite time of year it approaching autumn.

So I though it was time for some seasonal review.

Prepare to make a statement with fur and leather.

You can't honestly tell me you're not dying over some of these looks. Those Chloe leather pants are so beautifully tailored.  

*Cough Cough*  SSStyle Tip 3

Yeah you probably saw that one coming...


Friday, August 26, 2011

SSStyle Tip: Go Tailored or Go Home

Sorry to keep you hanging things have been very  busy around here. It's been finals week at school, we had and earthquake, and the biggest hurricane to hit our area in years (Irene) is coming. Seriously I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. In times of stress it's so easy to grab a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and call it a day. However, I believe that it's days when you feel like this that it's more important than ever to look your best. 

Which brings be to Soft Spoken Style Tip 3!

Tip 3: Go Tailored or Go home

Throwing on a well tailored piece can instantly make any outfit chic. And make me feel as though I have my life completely in order, even when it's not.

(Blazer: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Jeffery Campbell, Watch: Guess)

Really though even if your life is a mess, that doesn't mean you have to look a mess too. And if you do you might as well just stay home.  

Harsh? Maybe..
But let's be honest we don't need more crazies like this running around.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hope your Sunday is a little brighter than mine.
Torrential downpour= not fun. 

xo Nikki

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sneak Peek

Soft Spoken Style Tip 3 is....

coming soon.

Patience, young stylistas, patience.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lesson Review: Tips One and Two

Oh look, I rhymed.

Seriously I could be the next Dr. Seuss, I could have you laughing off your caboose. Eh? Get it? Like laughing your ass off...nothing huh?
Err, well this is awkward, I should have quit while I was ahead.

I'm just gonna go ahead and change the subject now. While I was perusing some of my favorite fashion blogs I couldn't help but to notice how well some of the street fashion looks fit it with my latest SSStyle tips.

So I thought it was time for a little lesson review from the pros. Pay close attention.

Some back, a peek of midriff, a little leg... oh my 

A little color can go a long way...

Va.. Va.. Voom

Last but not least a SSS reader sent me a picture of her trying out SSStyle tip one. How great does she look?! Check out her blog here
If you want to look as fabulous as these women, I suggest you take your mouse over to the follow button
Trust me, you won't regret it.


Monday, August 15, 2011

SSStyle Tips: Double Whammy!

Here it is, the post you've all been waiting for. The first (of many) Soft Spoken Style Tips and lucky for you the first one is a double whammy. Two for the price of one, you can't beat that! So get out your notebook kids and pay very close attention because I'll only say this once. Just kidding, well not about the paying attention and taking notes part that I expect you to do. However if you don't have a notebook or pen near by I'll forgive you, in fact I'll even do you a favor; In addition to their posts, I will be putting all SSStyle tips from now until forever, under their own little link up top. You are welcome. So feel free to stop by and refresh your memory whenever your little heart desires. 

And now for the tips...

Tip 1: Show some unexpected skin

Now I realize than anyone can show some skin; just throw on a mini skirt, or strapless top and bam you're showing some skin. That's not what this tip is about; the key word in this tip is unexpected. Wearing a crop top with high waisted pants showing the tiniest sliver of midriff would in fact qualify as unexpected skin. Or maybe even try a maxi skirt with a thigh high split or something sheer. Think "peak-boo" when it comes to showing skin not "slap-in-the-face" aka tasteful not trashy.

Although I have to say this fall I will be carrying over one of my favorite spring/summer trends when it comes to showing some unexpected skin.  

Cue awkward pictures of me

I was not ready for this picture....clearly

But I digress, 

The trend is exposed shoulders! I know you probably guessed it but I just can't get enough.

(Shirt: Pixie Market, Jewelry: Forever 21) 

Oh and this picture brings me to my second tip....

Tip 2: Don't be afraid of color 

(Jeggings: Target, Shoes: Sam Edelman)

I know, I know, this picture isn't any better than the first. I guess the camera just hates me and to that I say "Camera I hate you too" 

Anyway, I'm posting this picture to show you just how beautiful the color of the shirt really is. There's no chance in hell you could ever blend in wearing this. Heck I should probably issue a cautionary note when I wear this; something like any one who comes within 50 feet of me when I wear this shirt should be wearing sunglasses. Please don't sue me for any eye damage which may occur at the sight of this shirt, you have been warned. 

Well, that's all I have for you, for now that is. But I've got plenty more tricks up my sleeves, don't you fret. 

Leave comments below and let me know how the tips worked for you! Did you get stares? I bet you did, but I hope they where shortly followed by a compliment. And if not well, I'm sure they were wishing they looked as good as you!

Extra points if you combined both tips into one look like me!

Extra Extra points if you send me pictures! (I'll feature you on my blog)

Have Fun


Friday, August 12, 2011

Savage Beauty: The Final Day

First off I have to apologize for the late post. I had intended to do it earlier in the week however with school wrapping up and the last minute projects being piled on by teachers during my last two weeks of classes; things likes posting had to be put off.

But regardless, it is now that I bring to you my experience of the final day of the Savage Beauty exhibit.

So I left my house around 11 am and arrived at the train station shortly after, where I boarded the New York bound train. The ride lasted about an hour and a half and after a short stop a an H&M ( I couldn't tell you which one it was, just that it was fashion years ahead of the one near me); we got on a bus that took us to the Met.

Now I know we've all read about the recorded breaking lines the we're outside the Met, but I really don't think you can understand unless you were there. When we first arrive which was probably around 2:30 the line was already at lest 3-4 blocks long and growing longer. In all seriousness I had never seen lines so long, and mind you I'm only talking about the line outside the museum.
This picture was probably taken after an hour plus minutes of waiting in line and just before I nearly fainted from the heat. Yes I almost fainted but no worries because after a bottle of water I was back on my feet waiting in the never ending line. After 2+ hours of waiting outside I thought the nightmare was over, only to be met by another one, even more horrible on the inside. Yes, you guessed it! There were more lines! and this time it was a 3 plus hour wait...
 It was torture, there were honestly times I thought i wasn't going to make it. Okay okay I know that sounded a little dramatic, but standing for 5+ hours is no easy task. However I will say this, the exhibit was well worth the wait. I thought they did a great job of showing the many different sides of the late Alexander McQueen while at the same time relating everything back to this theme of romanticism; a theme seen in many of his collections. I know many of you have probably seen it for yourself  or read about it a million times so I won't bore you to death with those details. However one thing I would like to express is how I wish I had seen it earlier or at least more than once. I thought it was a little hard to take it all in with so many people around me but guess that's why they made a book.
 I apologize for the poor picture but if you've seen the cover of the book it's not exactly easy to photograph but it is really cool! Although expensive I'm so glad I purchased it not only because I have an obsession with fashion coffee table books, or because I love the pictures and feel like I can relive my exhibit experience over and over. But I'm glad I got it  because...

I got to meet Anna Wintour! and Andrew Bolton who was the curator of the show, both were extremely sweet. We left the museum around 8 :30 passing by a still extremely long line out and inside the Met. And if you do the math we actually spent around 7 hours just at the Met but they were 7 hours well spent! Definitely a day I wont forget.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Show and Tell: Outerwear

This is the first post in series of post I'll be calling "Show and Tell". I couldn't even begin to tell you the the endless hours I spend online shopping for things I can't actually afford. Some may call this torture but I find it strangely entertaining. To each his own I suppose. 

Back to the Point...

While I was trolling the internet today searching for the perfect pieces that could act as transition pieces for summer to fall I thought to myself: "Well just because I'm a currently unemployed college student, who can't afford these items. Doesn't mean I shouldn't share these treasures." I mean even though I wont look good at least someone should! 

And there was born from the depths of my mind the idea for the series. So without further adieu I present "Show and Tell"...the outerwear addition!

(Sartre Sweater: Fabricly)
Because there's nothing I love more than hiding under a giant hood. Oh and let's not forget the layering opportunities here...

(Quilted Leather Jacket: Asos)
Who says you have to choose a side? I prefer to stay neutral on neutral.

(UNIF Chelsea Shearling Coat: NastyGal)
One shouldn't always go through life unnoticed. I say, stand out like a giant black white sheep.

 (Noted: The last coat is most likely more of a fall-winter transitional coat but who cares....I don't!)


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