About Me

My name is Nikki and I'm currently entering my junior year of college as a Design and Merchandising student. Believe it or not this is my third blogger, blog (was that redundant?) I've made  in the past two years; I guess you can say I just can't say away. I love reading about fashion and writing about it even more. That's ultimately what I hope to do with my degree one day, become an editor that is.

You know what they say, practice makes perfect; therefore I thought not only did I want to start up blogging again but it was imperative, as practice for the future that I do. Next spring/ summer when I do my six month internship for school I expect to be working somewhere in the fashion publishing field.  But until I'm pounding the hard, merciless pavement of New York City, Philadelphia is my home and inspiration.
And although it might be awhile until I'm riding up the Conde Nast elevators, I invite you to follow me, or this blog rather (please don't follow me, that would be creepy), on the ever more exciting ride of life!

Cheesy maybe but sincere, yes.

xo Nikki Ashley

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